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Eductors & Syphons


The eductor is a liquid-liquid ejector that uses pressurized water to pump another liquid from a lower level to a higher one. It allows the use of all types of liquids or solutions, provided that there is no impediment to mix them.

There is a variation of this device: the solids eductor. In this equipment the suction stream is a liquid with a suspended solid. These equipment are usually supplied with a hopper for feeding solids and recirculation system of the motive fluid to the hopper for generating the slurry that the equipment will pump.


A syphon is a steam-liquid ejector where condensation of the motive steam with the pumped liquid occurs.

  • Emptying of wells.
  • Pumping and transfer of liquids and sludges.
  • Pump priming.
  • Emptying and Cleaning of holds in ships.
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