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Hybrid Vacuum Systems

Hybrid vacuum systems are formed by combining ejectors, surface condensers and/or liquid ring vacuum pumps. They consist of a combination of steam ejectors operating in series, followed by a condenser where the vapors are condensed and thereby reduces the load of vapours to be removed by the vacuum pump which compresses non-condensable gases to atmospheric pressure. They can be designed and manufactured according to the desired vacuum range, gas composition and availability of water and steam.


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The main advantages are the following:

  • High vacuum and low consumption of steam, water and energy due to the combination of systems.

  • Shorter start-up time of the system without the need for a start-up ejector.

  • Possibility of condensate drain in a condenser previously installed.

  • Low maintenance costs.

These systems can use barometric condensers or surface condensers, either vertically or horizontally.


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