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Silencers are equipment that reduce noise caused by the discharge of pressurized gases to the atmosphere.

Among the three types of existing silencers (reactive, dissipative and reactive-dissipative), EQUIREPSA designs and manufactures the reactive-dissipative type. This type of silencer allows to reduce the noise in a wider range of frequencies. That is the reason why it is used in security valves discharge, ejectors evacuation for plants start-up and other kind of vents in very unfavourable conditions from the acoustic point of view, because the generated noise is composed by waves from low to high frequencies. Its versatility also allows the use of this kind of silencer in less critical service conditions, where the other two mentioned types could be applicable too.

EQUIREPSA mainly supplies two types of silencer:

  • Reverse Venturi Silencer. Suitable for high speed venting lines.

  • Multitube Silencer. Suitable for medium and low speed venting lines.

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