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Portable Pneumatic Ventilators

These are ejectors that allow large gas flows to be mobilized with moderate consumption of compressed air.

The portable pneumatic ventilators have the following features: no moving parts, no electricity is required, not affected by wear, not affected by weather conditions, no noise is made, etc. Additionally, they can be stopped and started up instantly and no maintenance is required.

The construction of these equipments is usually done in Cast Aluminum in one piece since it is robust and light, and they are normally very manageable in size.


  • Fresh air injection into toxic atmospheres.
  • Aspiration of vapours and gases in tanks.
  • Movement of gases and vapours from one part to another of the equipment with the subsequent expulsion.
  • Suction of specific emanated vapours.
  • Aspiration and transport of light objects: shavings, process capsules, PVC grains, etc.
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