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Whenever steam expands, becomes overheated. When pressurized steam is used as heating agent, should be preferably saturated. In order to obtain it, the simplest way is to inject liquid water.

Desuperheaters are process equipment that allow the production of saturated steam from superheated steam by liquid water injection, to raise the outlet temperature a few degrees over the saturation point. This difference is called “approximation” and is necessary for the temperature of the superheated steam can be controlled and does not enter the area of the humid steam.

There are several types according to the application characteristics, required operating flexibility, etc.

Equirepsa usually supplies mainly two types of these equipment::

  • Mechanical desuperheater: it consists of a removable pipe with spray nozzles which spray water into the superheated steam.

  • Venturi desuperheater: the water injection into the superheated steam is made in a venturi-type narrowing inside the equipment.

Equirepsa also designs and manufactures another types of desuperheaters like partial type, ring type, assisted type… It is even possible to include the necessary control valves for operation of these equipment.


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