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EQUIREPSA, with its own technology, has designed and manufactured several variations of ejectors for over 25 years. Our ejectors are used in a wide variety of industries in more than 80 countries.

Ejectors are fluid-fluid pumps that work by transfer of momentum from the primary fluid (high pressure) to the secondary fluid aspirated (low pressure), discharging a mixture at an intermediate pressure.

Ejectors can handle a wide variety of fluids and they are useful in multitude of applications. Depending on the nature of the fluids involved, they are classified as follows:

An ejector system must adapt steadily to all operating conditions which may anticipate. The level of vacuum requested determines the necessary quantity of ejectors. See Vacuum Systems.

EQUIREPSA offers the possibility to design and manufacture ejectors in a wide range of materials and according to the specifications and standards required for each project, which makes our equipment flexible and adapted perfectly to the needs of each client.

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Main features:

  • Ejectors allow to reach different vacuum levels.

  • Compact and robust design.

  • No moving parts.

  • The motive fluid is the only energy source needed.

  • Barely maintenance requirements.

  • Reliable and stable performance for years.

  • Wide range of construction materials.


  • Production of medium and high vacuum.

  • Steam re-compression and gas extraction.

  • Liquids, solutions, slurries,… suction.

  • Mixing and agitation.

  • Steam saturation.


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