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Shell and Tube Condensers &
Heat Exchangers

EQUIREPSA designs and manufactures condensers, not only as a part of our own vacuum systems, also for a variety of industrial applications.

One type of tube and shell heat exchangers are the Surface Condensers. These are equipment that condense vapors without contact between the fluids. The heat exchange is produced through a tubes bundle without any contact between both fluids.

These condensers allow efficient cooling and condensation preventing from contamination of the fluids flowing through them. In addition, there are a variety of possible configurations which gives them great versatility.

In general, when condensers are working under vacuum conditions, whatever type they are, a barometric column is required for condensates outlet, or in case not possible, a tank with a pump and a level control, as well as a pump or ejector for evacuation of non-condensable gases.


  • Steam condensation in evaporators, etc…

  • Intercondensers in multi-stage vacuum groups.

  • Vapour condensation and vacuum generation in strainers, dryers…

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