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Modulated steam jet compressors

The modulated steam jet compressors are compressors built-in carrying a pneumatic valve, regulated by a control loop (although the regulation can also be done manually). They allow energy savings, adjusting the motive steam flow to the minimum possible, compatible with the stability of the vacuum system.

The main systems of regulation are the following:

Needle type regulation:

Consists of sealing the nozzle throat of the compressor, by means of a needle, which is moved by a manual or mechanical device on the axis of the nozzle.

Pneumatic valve regulation:

The basic principle of this system is to reduce motive steam pressure by means of a pneumatic valve with automatic control. The advantage that it has with respect to the needle-type regulation is that it maintains one of the main characteristics of the Thermocompressors, which is the absence of moving parts.

  • High energy savings.

  • Minimum steam consumption compatible with the vacuum system stability.

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