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Mixing System for Waste Water Treatment Tank in a Beer Factory

Tank Mixing System comprised by 2 Mixing Eductors model EMT-25, stirring the fluid into a waste water tank in a Waste Treatment Plant of a Beer Factory.

EQUIREPSA designs and supplies customized equipment, including technical data sheet, general arrangement and assembly drawings, material certificates, installation manual and operating instructions for easy installation at customer´s premises.

2 Mixing Tank Eductors designed to stir and blend the fluid in a tank of 7 m3 by using 7,8 m3/h of motive fluid at 1,7 bar (g).

2 Mixing Eductors in PP.

With in-house technology EQUIREPSA offers customized solutions for every case, including: design, manufacture, supply, commissioning and start-up (under request) of our equipment.

Mixing Eductors

3D Detail of the equipment


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