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Solids Eductor System for Chemical Industry

1 Solids Eductor System with hopper and valves for chemical industry. The motive fluid (pressurised water) feeds the eductor’s motive nozzle, but part of it is diverted to the hopper, where it enters through a system of spray nozzles, which sweep the material deposited on the walls and drag it towards the suction nozzle, forming a suspension that flows easily. A valve located upstream of the water inlet to the hopper allows the water flow to be regulated just enough to propel the solid and form the sludge without overflowing the hopper.

Its main application is the transport of sand, gravel, salt, activated carbon, ion exchange resins and other types of solids: to empty and fill the reactors with the reagent. It is also used in decarbonisation and water treatment plants.

EQUIREPSA designs and supplies customized equipment, including thermal and fluid-dynamic design, general arrangement drawings of each component, group assembly drawing, material certificates, installation manual and operating instructions for easy installation at customer´s premises.

Supply: 1 Solids Eductor System with hopper and valves. Equipment include flanges for connection to motive fluid and discharge.

With in-house technology EQUIREPSA offers customized solutions for every case, which include: design, manufacture, supply, and start-up (under request) of our equipment.

Solids Eductor / 3D Detail of the equipment


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