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Vacuum System with Ejectors for Edible Oil Bleaching Plant

Vacuum System with Ejectors for Edible Oil Bleaching plant in continuous service.

EQUIREPSA designs and supplies customized equipment including technical documentation: Datasheet, general arrangement drawing of equipment, mechanical calculation, welding dossier, materials certificates and user manual with instructions for installation and operation.

Suction Pressure: 80 mbar.
Suction Flow: 98,5 kg/h steam + 6,0 kg/h air + 1,0 kg/h fatty acids.
Suction Temperature: 100ºC.
Cooling water temperature: 33ºC (max.)
Motive steam pressure: 8 bar g (dry saturated) (min.)

Main Equipments: Ejectors in carbon steel, with nozzles in SS304 and Barometric Condensers in SS304.

With in-house technology EQUIREPSA offers customized solutions for every case, which include: design, manufacture, supply, and start-up (under request) of our equipment.

Vacuum System / 3D Detail of Vacuum System


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